Levi’s 4 Floors main goal is to educate you with the correct information regarding all things flooring, including warranties. Below you will find useful information regarding the exclusive warranties available only at Levi’s 4 Floors, central Ohio's leading flooring contractor.

For complete warranty information on Carpet purchased at Levi’s 4 Floors please contact our customer service department at 614-468-5585.

To obtain detailed manufactures warranty information on your purchase, please send a request to info@levis4floors.com with your Name and Order number in the subject line.

Manufacturer’s warranties are important to consider when purchasing flooring but if the installation is not done correctly, that warranty could be voided. This is why a comprehensive installation warranty is a must when investing in flooring. For your peace of mind, here are installation warranties available only at Levi's 4 Floors.


LEVI’S 4 FLOORS guarantees the quality of workmanship to be professional and in keeping with the standards set by the carpet industry. LEVI'S 4 FLOORS LIFETIME RESIDENTIAL CARPET INSTALLATION WARRANTY is defined by the lifespan of the homeowner's occupancy and/or the life expectancy of the floor based on fiber companies and/or manufacture's expected life of the product in collaboration with their warranties, whichever comes first. Your installation is warranted for as long as the carpet remains installed and the residence is occupied by the original purchaser of the carpet. This warranty applies to the residential (non-commercial) installation of new carpet purchased from and installed by Levi's 4 Floors contract installation experts or employee's over new pad, or direct-glued to customers' floors. This warranty will be invalid if the flooring condition is due to improper maintenance, cleaning, abuse, excessive moisture or temperature variations, home settling or excessive movement due to expansion and contraction, vandalism, alteration or normal wear and tear.


LEVI’S 4 FLOORS loose laid carpet and area rugs have no installation warranty. Wrinkling and curled edges are a possibility because these products are not affixed to the floor. This warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated to abuse, flooding, improper cleaning, or by customers' own repairs or removal of to install stereo wires, cable, phone wires, etc. Consequential or incidental damages resulting from installation services or loose-laid carpet are not covered by this warranty.


LEVI’S 4 FLOORS warrants all resilient flooring labor for a period of one (1) year from the completion of installation. This warranty applies to the residential (non-commercial) installation of resilient flooring purchased from LEVI’S 4 FLOORS and installed by our installation experts over underlayment purchased from and installed by LEVI’S 4 FLOORS. This warranty does not apply to the installation of resilient flooring installed over customer-installed underlayment or customer-prepared substrate.

Types of service provided at no charge under the terms of this warranty include repair of seams which gap, repair or replacement of transition materials (metals, vinyl strips, etc.) which become loose, and removal of bubbles resulting from the inadequate application of adhesive. This warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated by abuse, flooding, improper maintenance, foundation settling, or subfloor movement. Consequential or incidental damages resulting from installation services are not covered by this warranty.

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