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Premier Flooring Center Certified | Learn More >

Carpet- Before and After Installation

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Schedule Your Carpet Installation

After you place your order, your
salesperson will contact you to schedule your installation based on the manufacturer's expected arrival date. You may select a date that is convenient for you, but we cannot specify an exact time of day. We will do our best to meet your needs. If you need to reschedule, please immediately contact your salesperson or our installation department.

Preparing for Your Carpet Installation

Unless other arrangements have been made, the installers
will be prepared to remove and replace most normal household furniture. To further prepare your home for a professional carpet installation, we ask you

  • Remove lamps, table decorations, accent pieces, etc.
  • Remove antiques, lamps, computers, and other items requiring special care.
  • Remove bed linens.
  • Empty book cases, china cabinets, etc.
  • Clean out closet floors and low-hanging clothes
  • Disconnect stereo systems, cable connections, alarm systems, and other electronic devices
  • Arrange for the removal of pianos, organs, grandfather clocks, and pool tables. Small console pianos, organs, and small pool tables can be moved for an extra charge if specified on your order. We recommend you make arrangements with a professional mover for grand pianos, full-sized pool tables, etc.
  • Mark (with blue tape) any hidden wires in the installation area.


Please be aware the following procedures are not included in our installation services unless noted on your order.

  • Unforeseen Subfloor Prep—In most cases, issues with the subfloor cannot be detected until the existing flooring is removed. If this occurs, there may be an extra charge to fix the subfloor, making it satisfactory for installing your new floor covering.
  • Cutting doors to clear new floor covering- Installing new carpet or hard surface flooring can prevent doors from swinging or sliding freely. If you need to have doors shaved to accommodate your new floor, we recommend contacting a qualified carpenter. Your salesperson can provide you with the name and number of a qualified carpenter if needed. The cost of this will be between you and the carpenter.
  • If included on your order as a separate charge, we will move your disconnected appliances but are not responsible for reconnecting them.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting ice makers—Beware: If your refrigerator has not been moved recently, stretching the ice-maker coils to move the refrigerator may create a leak.
  • Asbestos removal- If removal of an existing floor containing asbestos should become necessary during our installation, you will have to arrange for this work to be done by a certified abatement specialist.

After Your Carpet is Installed

The following conditions may exist immediately after new
carpet has been installed and are normal…

  • SEAMS—Seams will be professionally placed and installed, but we cannot guarantee they will be invisible. It is normal to see where the seams are immediately after installation. They should become less visible over time. We ask that you wait 30 days to let the carpet “blossom” around the seams.
  • SHEDDING-Your new carpet may shed small bits of fibers for up to six months. Do not be alarmed if your vacuum fills up quickly.
  • ROLL MARKS- You may see shaded areas or lines across the width of your new carpet. These result from the weight of the carpet resting on itself during storage. These marks will disappear in time with normal vacuuming and traffic. During the cold, dry months, these marks may be particularly stubborn. If roll marks remain visible after 90 days, please call our Customer Service Department at 614-846-4441.
  • WOODWORK/BASEBOARDS- Our installers will be very careful to avoid damage to your baseboards and other woodwork while delivering and installing your floor covering. However, due to the nature of the product and work, some scuffing of woodwork may be unavoidable. We cannot be responsible for minor touch-ups which may be required following your installation.
  • BUBBLES- Some bubbles may form under your new floor (most notably interflex products). This is normal and these bubbles should disappear within three weeks. If they persist beyond that, please contact our Customer Service Department.
  • ALARMS/HIDDEN WIRES-It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the installer of any hidden wires or contacts. 4 Floors is not responsible for wires that may have been cut.