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If you are shopping for Carpet in Columbus Ohio, then make sure you stop by a Levi’s 4 Floors. All of our showrooms around Columbus are designed to make your carpet shopping as easy and stress free as possible. It is our goal to provide you with quality carpeting that will beautify your home, be easy to care for, meet your specific performance needs and stay within your projected budget.

We also strive to be great listeners, committed partners in all your flooring projects, and strong advocates of great customer service.

But more than that, what truly sets us apart from other flooring companies can be said in just five simple words…

We want you to know.

We want you to know all about carpet. You can trust Levi’s 4 Floors to teach you the ins and outs of all flooring in central Ohio, especially Carpet. Whether it’s at one of our 5 locations around Columbus or here within our website, we want you to learn and fully understand --know-- as much about carpet as we do.

We call on our experience as well as our professional and knowledgeable flooring consultants to provide you with valuable information, delivered in an easy to understand way, so you make the smartest carpet selection for you, your family and home.

If carpet is a possibility and service is important, Levi’s 4 Floors is the place for you. With 30 years of providing Columbus with the best quality flooring at the lowest prices, you’re certainly in good company.

Carpeting has long been the choice of many homeowners in Central Ohio. In fact, it remains the most popular floor covering choice.

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Carpet is an ancient but beautiful idea.

Modern carpet traces its roots to ancient times, when cultures passed hand-tying and knotting skills from generation to generation.

The Sixteenth Century brought merchant adventurers and explorers home to Europe and with them the awareness and desire for rich textiles and rugs from the East.

It wasn’t long before the appreciation of textile floor coverings took off, came to America, and became one of the most fundamental and beautiful parts of our modern home interior.

Carpet continues to be popular for many reasons.

Carpet is still the primary flooring choice for many. After all, it's relatively inexpensive, comfortable, generally easier to install and replace than other floor coverings, and it offers more fashion options in colors and textures than any other floor covering option on the market.

Carpet offers you more warmth, softness and is much quieter than any other floor covering.

Today's carpet styles, colors and textures also blend well with any home decor and with a variety of other flooring products. From traditional to country, from casual to formal, you can always find a carpet that will compliment any interior setting and give you years of beauty and performance.

For those who want to know, here’s a list of carpet advantages.

Check it out, maybe print it out, and then come explore the other sections on beautifying your home with carpet.

  • Carpet adds warmth and is soft under feet and easier on children's knees.
  • Carpet is much quieter than hard surfaces floors.
  • Carpet comes in a wide variety of colors, tones and hues.
  • Carpet is easy to decorate with and offers many styles and colors allowing it to be the focus of the room or the perfect foundation for your furniture and accessories.
  • Carpet can hide many sub-floor irregularities that would not be permitted with hard surfaces floors.
  • Carpet can go over a variety of substrates and on all grade levels, even concrete slabs in basements.
  • Carpet is economical and the installation costs are generally less than some of the hard surface products.